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JOHN KIRIAKOU: American Gulag

Needless to say, Kiriakou hasn’t spent time in a Russian prison. I’m sure he hasn’t. More Americans are incarcerated than anywhere on the planet, but not Trump. So Griner is his opportunity to rail against the American Industrial Prison System. Using Griner as his lead-in doesn’t shine a bright light on the differences between State and Privately controlled prisons. Capitalism vs State Controlled in a Democracy vs an Authoritarian regime produces significantly different results.

Greiner is in a Russian prison primarily for political reasons and not criminal. Her misfortune today is she’s American and not Russian. If Russian she would have been handed down a lesser sentence and walked away with a fine. We can only assume the prison admin isn’t about to look on her with any sympathy given they support Putin’s politics.

Maybe Kiriakou would have been better comparing Finland’s prison system with the American in order to drive home his point of difference.

These breathless admonitions are nothing more than a bad joke. Have none of these journalists and writers ever been inside an American prison? They wouldn’t have far to look to see that the U.S. prison system gains nothing by casting aspersions on the Russian system or pretty much any other.

Source: JOHN KIRIAKOU: American Gulag