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From 2016: Captained by Crusaders – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Melbourne Club entrance

Let me start again. As Pauline Hanson reminded us that Australia is being swamped by Muslims, a forum was taking place in some of Melbourne’s most elite surroundings, where a society of the country’s top businessmen, journalists and ex-politicians discussed the same message: the decline of the West is upon us and it is the result of Muslim migration.

Those of us who consider ourselves centrist or progressive are more likely to be infuriated that the propaganda campaign to focus the pain and anger of these disadvantaged by our IPA-led government on minority groups is working so effectively. Thanks, Andrew Bolt and emulators.

 Melbourne Club dinner, a very senior media figure complained about “Abbos” on welfare, so the two bigotries as usual reflect the entrenched prejudice at the heart of Australian traditions.

Tony Abbott’s recent notification that he has been appointed to the board of the “Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation” created by a million-dollar Liberal donor becomes much clearer in this context.

At the Melbourne Club, one speaker scoffed that Muslim soldiers in the Middle East referred to occupying Western troops as “crusaders.” Maybe we need to consider that a strong thread of “crusader” hysteria is genuinely informing policies in our own corridors of power.

Source: From 2016: Captained by Crusaders – » The Australian Independent Media Network