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Boris Johnson hints he’d dump UK ambassador, as Trump escalates row


Send in the Clowns. What unites Boris and the Don? They are both belong and were created by Murdoch.How would Sir Kim Darroch UK Ambassador describe them? Candidly as his job requires but only one as Ambassador to the USA because hasn’t been employed to give his opinion on Boris. However we can guess what that would be. Sacked or not he will go down in history with a proud legacy. Who hacked the emails and leaked them? (ODT)

“His comments are entirely unsurprising from a historical perspective,” Calder Walton, a British lawyer and a fellow at Harvard University, wrote in an email. “Ambassadors rely on being able to give frank [often undiplomatic] opinions about their resident countries.”

In many instances, sending these unfavourable messages back home is one of the most important aspects of the job.

Extreme examples of this were the foreign ambassadors stationed in Berlin during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Though the rise of the Nazi leader was often met with carefully considered language in public, in private ambassadors would offer scathing assessments of the man.

Andre Francois-Poncet, the French ambassador to Germany, repeatedly offered warnings to Paris throughout his time in Berlin from 1931 to 1938. At first he was dismissive, writing in 1933 that “if intelligence consists essentially of a critical spirit, then Hitler is not intelligent”. (Adam Taylor The Age)

The UK’s likely next prime minister, Boris Johnson, has hinted that his country’s ambassador in Washington could be replaced after a diplomatic row with US President Donald Trump worsened on Tuesday.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to launch a broadside at Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to the US who has been embarrassed by the leak of a mass of diplomatic cables in which he was scathing of the “clumsy and inept” President and his divided administration. {Nick Miller The Age}

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Trust Trump to snatch comedy from the jaws of victory

It’s a slightly mad thing to think, but as a local journalist said to me: “It takes a mad man to do what Trump has done.” This attempt to build a new, permanent relationship with North Korea, based largely on the word of a dictator, is an unorthodox gamble, but it might pay off. It exploits well the needs and vanities of its main players.

It’s important to remember that North Korea has only come to the table because it has decided it is ready and willing. Its nuclear programme has reached a point where it feels secure enough to play it as a bargaining chip, and so it was Kim Jong-un – desperate for investment in his isolated kingdom – who invited Mr Trump to meet, not the other way around. Mr Trump’s radical move was to accept.

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WATCH: Israel is imprisoning a Palestinian clown without trial | +972 Magazine

Israeli security forces have been imprisoning a Palestinian clown without charge or trial for months. Mohammed Abu Sakha is known for working with special needs children in the West Bank, and runs the Palestinian Circus…

Source: WATCH: Israel is imprisoning a Palestinian clown without trial | +972 Magazine