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Andrew Bolt Has Noel Pearson in his Crosshairs but Shoots Himself.

‘Absolutely. Forget this divisive, offensive and ultimately dangerous race industry. We’re just one people, one “race”, sharing a continent and bounded by a single law.’

Noel Pearson and Bolt agree that in a perfect world race has no place. Hitler also believed that.It’s not unusual for those talking about heaven. Bolt often confuses reality with heaven where nobody is a racist. But in  this reality he is. The  racial distinctions he wants abandoned exist. To deny it’s existence changes nothing it in fact supports racism. Bolt is a racist.

Apart from that this school boy debater is pathetic. His snide remark on Pearson’s comment

” he is plainly and astonishingly wrong about Aborigines not have citizenship until 1967″

shows his  ignorant & bluenosed nature .Yes in 1967 Aborigines were finally recognized as countable humans in this country and not just flowerpots by our census. Yes they could vote. But for the first time they were actually notified they had a right to vote that it was compulsory and the polls came to them. Prior to that they remained uninformed, un -fined and excluded. This fact alone makes Bolt’s comment on Pearson elitist banal purely self-serving.He is as highly regarded as medical waste.

“But then Pearson, having denounced the race industry and racism in the constitution, bizarrely proposes a change even more racist and divisive – a separate parliament for the Aboriginal race:”

“In fact, Aborigines have a representative body already. It’s called the Australian Parliament. (There are also state parliaments and local councils.) Andrew Bolt

“What Pearson wants is a further parliament just for one “race”, to give members of that “race” more power than members of other “races”, and a different legal status.”

You see Andrew Bolt thinks he is already in heaven and Pearson is a barbarian at the gate a feral

“This would dismember our polity and our community.”

“No to racism. No to racial division. No to this racist change to our constitution.”

Simply put Bolt lies he doesn’t just misrepresent Noel Pearson he lies and purjures himself there is nothing about an alternative parliament other than in Bolts imagination. Pearson as quoted by Bolt merely says

“And the alternative, it seems to me, is that Aboriginal people should be in a position to say what laws and policies apply to our own people.”

It’s a capacity to be involved in advising the parliamentary process in respect of laws and policies that apply to our people“…

Hello industry has Associations they have lobbyists who advise on behalf of their interests. Bolt would deny that opportunity to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, Muslims and others

Pearson unlike Bolt even explains why minorities need this capacity quite succinctly

“the future, if there is social and economic provisioning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, it should be on the basis of need, not race. It’s because we’re needy Australians, just like Muslim Australians or white Australians might have social and economic needs, so too do certain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Let’s move from race to need as the basis of government action.”

Pearson is not swanning around in Bolt’s idea of heaven on earth disrupted by whinging minorities. He is talking about social reality today and it’s  uneven distribution of human rights, fairness and justice. Pearson is asking to be heard and included.

“It’s a capacity to be involved in advising the parliamentary process in respect of laws and policies that apply to our people…”

“what kind of fulcrum do we need in our constitutional structure that at least enables the mouse to determine what laws and policies should apply to us as an Indigenous people? Our democratic process should empower us and enliven us to do that.”


Bolt is a distasteful human being who has a voice which he would deny others because if heard change might just occur.