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News Corp is Murdoch’s Australian Tweet




We have seen the collective power of News Corp in action when the Daily Telegraph,The Herald Sun  The Courier Mail and Australian set out to get Rudd and do it for Tony. Akerman, Bolt, Albrechtsen & Devine  in their collective portrait of Kevin did not find skerrick of human quality. They were coupled with  headlines of a quality never seen before. Abbott on the other hand was raised to the equivalent of sainthood by these arseholes who claim  independence of thought and freedom of expression.

Now we are told that these print media outlets are all hemorrhaging cash and are being supported by News Corp’s online real estate site and Foxtel entertainment. That they certainly aren’t fulfilling Murdoch’s commercial agenda but are at the top of their game when it came to his political one.

  “The truth is sad and salutary. News Corp’s domination of the press is a threat to Australia’s democracy. There is now no politically realistic way to overcome this problem.

“The effective control of the media is the first step on the road to controlling the values and future direction of our society.”……Robert Mann

How is 66% control going to be wrested from Murdoch? His personal agenda is the sale or neutering of the ABC & SBS and total destruction of Fairfax his only commercial competition which like all print media is also struggling financially. Most of the multitude of alternative blogs and websites are seen by only a tiny fraction of the population. In societies like ours, newspapers should be the most important news agenda-setters and as much as we don’t like it News Corp dominates without news. Their papers tend to be 25% information and 70% Murdoch commentary. In other words the majority that passes as news in their papers is actually propaganda.

Mr Murdoch’s newspapers always respond in unison – as with  some divine wind –  they pursue their relentless campaigns in favour of current Murdoch objectives – particularly his political ones. Every journalist in Australia knows that.

“It is the saddest reflection imaginable on this society that virtually no one in public life has dared to speak out against the growing concentration of ownership of the Australian press. As a consequence  Australia now has a concentration of newspaper ownership unknown anywhere in the developed world beyond the party-controlled papers of the communist bloc.”

In the USA when he couldn’t takeover CNN so he established Fox News a 24-hour conservative-populist propaganda channel, where right-wing opinion and slanted news, described in totalitarian fashion as “fair and balanced”, was delivered in a highly entertaining fashion. Fox amplifies the anxiety and prejudices of conservative America. Fox News is the voice of the Republican America.

  “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us. Now we’re discovering that we work for Fox.” With Fox News, Murdoch’s two great passions – media and right-wing politics – have come together in perfect harmony.

The past decade has seen the unification of his tabloids partly to cut costs but bringing together a single political voice of right-wing provoking columnists who work for him and follow his line.

Today’s papers echo the Alarmist cry of Abbott telling us that James Foley’s  beheading could happen here.

“This is not something that happens elsewhere. It could happen in  a country like Australia if we relax our vigilance against terrorism”….Tony Abbott

Abbott is telling Australian Muslims how they should behave to be part of Team Australia rather than listen.  When Bolt and Blair make it a regular exercise to incite anti-Islamic attitude to show they don’t belong they are inviting radicalisation. Size of an event doesn’t matter just as long as it makes front page across Australia. They want a killer punch. Like ISIS  they are Murdoch’s terror mongers and want to provoke, create a disturbance here.  Margaret Thatcher had a very wise policy on terrorism – that if you really wish to protect citizens, you do so by discouraging media coverage of it. “Media coverage is the oxygen of terrorism”, observed Thatcher. If politicians act irresponsibly and feed media with national security fears, they can actually incite race hate, violence and extreme acts. Therefore, the only time a government would play this card is when it is itself under threat and Tony Abbott is feeling just that. Think about it if somebody was murdered here in Melbourne or Sydney in seemingly terrorist act who would stand to gain?

The opposition is however behind the 8 ball as it has no voice. Abbott is trying to neuter the ABC and SBS not because they have a left bias but because they offer multiple views. That alone next to Murdoch’s tabloids makes them appear to have an opposition voice.  Fairfax attempts to be 60% news and 25% opinion and are also accused of being of the left. However they are in as much as they are providing  information and are  not just Murdoch’s propaganda flier.