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Dear Mr. Trump: FUCK YOU. | The Smirking Chimp

How utterly despicable — a U.S. president blaming his presidential predecessor for a foreign foe’s reign of regional terror.

This sitting, cocksucking, motherfucking two-bit punk of a nonelected president doesn’t deserve mere removal from office; he also deserves, at the very least, a till-end-of-life federal prison term in which he gets repeatedly ass-slammed, just as he has done to Obama, an actual U.S. president, for three years.

Trump is a liar, a swindler, an obstructor of justice, a conscienceless abuser of power, a serial Constitution violator, a warmonger of an isolationist, a pissant of a coward whose inevitable removal from this earth — not through the front door of the White House, but the back door of some federal penitentiary’s mortuary — will be the most welcome event in the history of these United States.

I don’t customarily deploy the language of my second paragraph, but this sitting, cocksucking motherfucker has earned it. Fuck him.

Dear Mr. Trump: FUCK YOU. | The Smirking Chimp