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The Case for Democratic Worker Control

no one wants to talk about what I see as the root cause of America’s economic malaise – work under contemporary capitalism is fundamentally flawed.

As a political philosopher studying the effects of contemporary capitalism on the future of work, I believe that the inability to dictate and meaningfully control one’s own working life is the problem.

Democratizing work is the solution.

The Problem of Work

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Peter Singer Is the Philosopher of the Status Quo

Effective altruist Peter Singer argues that individuals should do more to alleviate the world’s poverty. But his emphasis on giving to charity disregards the structural causes of inequality, suggesting that nothing fundamental can be changed.

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The Advanced Society / Barbarian Intellectualism – » The Australian Independent Media Network

If there is one famous quote that could embrace the entire Barbarian Intellectualism ethos and moral direction, it would have to be that ghastly logic from the Vietnam War, where one “ … must destroy the village to save the village.” And we have seen just how far such insane logic has taken the governance of this once well-administered country .

The social-suicidal implementation of the IPA “wish list” has driven both the object and the integrity of conversation in this country to a depth never before plumbed. To have to listen to the childish babbling of its creators is to give too much valued-time to too little thought. The influence of such puerile philosophy on the ministers of the current LNP government demonstrates the even lower level of capable discourse amongst the front bench of that government.

What constitutes an advanced society Is it the one who uses its developed technology to invade, subjugate, desecrate and finally, perhaps, annihilate that very environment it relies upon for it’s life … or is it the other who, with astute observation recognises a “line” between sustainability and destruction, and by managing it’s population, refuses to be tempted by the possibility of a gluttony of temporary riches and maintains a judicious, salubrious lifestyle and culture for many thousands of years, visiting the same locations for food, clothing, shelter without desecration nor selfish accumulation?

So you tell me: Who has the most “advanced society”?

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