Where there is ‘woke’, there is fire

Andrew Bolt is guilty of poisoning Australia’s political and social discourse
May be an image of 3 people and text that says '® Sleeping Giants Oz @slpng_ giants What surprise... as Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and Peter Dutton up the anti migratior migr rhetoric, the Nazis feel empowered to openly parade their racism in the streets. #Auspol #Insiders Herald Sun EXCLUSIVE Prices builds tall migration surges LOCKED OUT OF HOME Dãily Telegraph Where will they all live? homes failto keep almost Housing crisis looms More migrants than homes VINGSPACE FORMHTES IMMGIATION Peter Dutton blasts migration explosion in budget reply SUNRISE CANBERRA OPPOSITION'SBUDGETREPLY The Opposition Leader has slammed the Government's migration forecasts budget, saying escalate the housing crisis.'

The fact is very few Australians know who Andrew Bolt is let alone read or listen to this puppet rants. He is simply a worker a talking head who climbed the News Corp seniority ladder as a dutiful ass-licker. A cog in Murdoch’s Corporate media empire that’s been poisoning Australia’s political and social discourse since the 70s when Rupert had his vision. That news or facts no longer mattered and he wasn’t in the business of providing it. He was in the business of controlling it, creating it for profit in the service of those that could pay. Ratings are his priority and selling them. Unfortunately in Australia that meant factless, and partisan social and political discourse for money.

Having constructive debates, rather than resorting to name-calling, is the way forward for a healthy political and social climate, writes Patrick Lukins.

Source: Where there is ‘woke’, there is fire

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