Tucker Carlson’s Last Speech Before Fox Fired Him

FILE -- Tucker Carlson speaks in National Harbor, Md., on April 21, 2023. Fox News said Monday, April 24, 2023, that it is parting ways with Carlson, its most popular prime time host who was also the source of repeated controversies and headaches for the network because of his statements on everything from race relations to LGBTQ rights. (Leigh Vogel/The New York Times)

“I’m paid to predict things,” Carlson tells us at one point. “I try and think a lot about what connects certain outcomes that I should have seen before they occurred.” Given what was just about to happen to Carlson less than three days later, this indicates either that Carlson was terrible at his job, or that he never understood what he was paid for to begin with.

Carlson showed himself as the paragon of propaganda, courageously telling the Heritage Foundation gala exactly what it wanted to hear.


Source: Tucker Carlson’s Last Speech Before Fox Fired Him

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