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With control of 65% of print media in Australia Murdoch’s hope was to turn Sky News into Fox News here. However since the 1990’s it’s been a major fail and disappointment. He simply couldn’t rid us no matter how much he tried of the ABC. Australia’s Democratic strength and revival depend on the restoration and revival of the ABC that Murdoch insisted the LNP destroy in doing so they destroyed not only themselves but weakened our 2- party Parliamentary Democracy and fragmented the nation.

But the Liberal Party is not for changing and hasn’t understood that opposition for the sake of opposition doesn’t work anymore. And with a change in demographics and voting patterns, they might be out of office for a long time. This change isn’t good news for the Labor Party either, and there are suggestions that this could be the last majority government – from either side of government – and the future will be based around coalitions of common political interests.

Source: National Times – New Politics Australia Murdoch’s end, wasteful… | Facebook