Nothing Is Real, and Nothing to Get Hung About | The Smirking Chimp

You think a guy wearing animal skins and horns was admitted to the sacred halls of the U.S. government and given a guided tour by nice security guards on January 6, 2021? Why would you doubt it? After all, Tucker Carlson showed you those sweet and tender moments of a tourist in quite distinctive garb being escorted from place to place by government employees, right. And those pictures were taken from a video provided to Mr. Carlson by Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader of the House of Representatives? Don’t believe your own eyes anymore? Don’t believe your elected representatives? Are you really that cynical? Or that high? Or that addled by mainstream media?

Crazed insurrectionists swarming all over the Capitol Building and shitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk? You think a thing like that could happen in the United States of America? And you call yourself a patriot? Better get right with what’s real, don’t ya think?

Source: Nothing Is Real, and Nothing to Get Hung About | The Smirking Chimp