Inspection- Of “Woke,” Anti-Woke and the Anti-Culture War | The Smirking Chimp

Interesting how people who claim to be against government interference are all for it when it serves their preference. “I’m tired of ‘woke'” is meant to stop conversation. There’s no engagement, like “That’s not exactly how that happened.” It’s anti-engagement, like so much of today’s rhetoric.
Why so afraid to engage? Afraid you might LOSE?
Maybe because when people try engage in absurd talking points it becomes so damn obvious those talking points are not only wrong, but the wrong headed. Talking point: “Blacks had slaves too!” Response: “So? And your point is…?” Citing African “history” makes nothing right, defends nothing. It’s like saying, “Hey, that guy over there murdered someone too,” hoping to get another discussion of murder off the table. Intentional distraction. A classic case of “Look over THERE instead!”
If slavery is wrong it’s wrong: another example doesn’t make it right.

Source: Inspection- Of “Woke,” Anti-Woke and the Anti-Culture War | The Smirking Chimp

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