Dutton denies his questions are undermining the voice – Michael West

A hypothetical Referendum question: Do you want Health and Education Improved? Peter  Dutton would vote No! Because the Government hasn’t detailed how yet detailing how would constrain any attempt in the Constitution. Dutton is simply frozen in time and space unable to move forward or backwards.

The referendum is our pick of a race. The horse and cart come after, and which cart is to be decided after the question of a necessary race is confirmed.  Peter Dutton says do nothing because choosing a horse and cart comes first. He and the LNP have done just that nothing for a decade, 10 years of simply saying Nope Nope Nope and then leaving the ALP to clean up the LNP mess. Dutton did nothing about Housing, Education or Health. In fact, he has voted the worst Health Minister on record along with being nominated the worst Immigration Minister ever and is blaming the ALP after 9 months for the mess we are in. Australia we have been Privatised and are paying and feeling the pain of that pleasure yet again.

The opposition leader said he wanted to see legislation in parliament on what the voice would look like and how the body would operate.

Source: Dutton denies his questions are undermining the voice – Michael West