The Secret Diary of a Prime Minister – Michael West

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, diary, FOI, Rex Patrick

Has MWM and Rex Patrick little or nothing to write about blaming the ALP and the recently elected PM Albanese’s government for not having his finger equally attending to every change on their list of promises? Is Albo the head of this government expected to be the stamp licker, bookkeeper and office janitor as well as the Party and Country’s leader? He’s already changed the direction of the country in the eyes of the world and is turning the ship. He may not be Gough but then MWM and Patrick seem to have taken on the cloak of nitpickers for nitpicking sake alone to keep up their image of “we’ll keep the bastards honest”. Whinging isn’t a substitute for criticism just a haggle over the list of minutia priorities.

In my case they’ve told me my request will cost an outrageous $1,344 to process 179 days displayed in weekly view – that is to process 29 pages of diary. I say that’s ‘outrageous’ having personally made more than 300 FOIs request over the past 5 years and never been charged that sort of money, even for far more voluminous requests.

Transparency builds confidence in our political leaders. Attempting to bury or stall an FOI diary request just does the opposite. It promotes the idea that the Prime Minster is disingenuous in his claims that his Government is transparent, and it erodes people trust in him”.

And when the mud starts flying about, some of it inevitably sticks.

Source: The Secret Diary of a Prime Minister – Michael West