‘Antisemitism’, mendacity & zionist propaganda in Australia – Pearls and Irritations

Jerusalem, Israel-Palestine

It is sometimes alleged that there has recently been a recrudescence of Antisemitism. Usually this is a stalking horse for apologetic excuses for Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and the global condemnation it properly attracts. This is a sleight of hand fallacy, citing a secondary phenomenon of the Fascist Right for a primary development on the Democratic left, with a view to compromising and confounding the latter. Accordingly, the contention that Antisemitism is on the rise in the mainstream is patently false and misleading. For as the scholarly Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism acknowledges, the rising democratic criticism of the conduct of the State of Israel is a clean, different thing from the marginal Neo-fascist return to the traditional politics of scapegoating Jews.

The misleadingly named `International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’ has been rolling out its pseudo-definition of ‘Antisemitism’ for some time to criminalise free speech criticism of Israeli human rights abuses and violations of international law. In recent times the Labor Victorian and New South Wales Tory governments have been seduced coercively into sneaking the IHRA pseudo definition, intended to criminalise criticism of Israel administratively and in our educational institutions, through their parliaments.

Source: ‘Antisemitism’, mendacity & zionist propaganda in Australia – Pearls and Irritations

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