Is This the End of Our National Trump Bender? Yeah, We’ve Heard That One Before | The Smirking Chimp

Unfortunately, it’s not only in America where Trumpians rule despite their moral and character flaws. Think of Berlusconi, Putin, and Netanyahu the Middle East and then simply compare the leaders of the world in general and you will find that Trump is just one among many.

Trump just happens to prefer the global ratings and he isn’t the first celebrity to have turned to politics for ego-driving money and power. But, he also had Murdoch’s global PR empire behind him in a quid pro quo rating relationship dance. Good bad or ugly made no difference to Murdoch or Trump as long as they had the attention. Adding FB, and Twitter,  to the mix and influence for mutual gain is easier to see than the algorithms and bots doing their work for him.

Has Trump come to attention deficit? Has Murdoch really turned it off yet?

His diabolical slipperiness does more than keep him in the news and in the public eye. Nearly everything surrounding the man is grimly hypnotic. I’ve been covering politics for just over 50 years, and I cannot recall another American politician who has proved more spellbinding in the way he lives his personal and public life, not to mention the way he has sold himself, with his New York accent, multiple ex-wives and mistresses, business scandals and all the rest of it to the American public, or to 74 million members of it, anyway.

Source: Is This the End of Our National Trump Bender? Yeah, We’ve Heard That One Before | The Smirking Chimp

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