Blood in the Archives – Consortium News

1975 saw the shameful death and cover-up of 5 Australian reporters shot and killed in Balibo.

Australia’s role during the Indonesian occupation itself is largely considered as one of passive acceptance, a “blind eye” to events to which it fails to respond.

In fact, as these documents and files clearly show, Australia played a very active role, encouraging the Indonesian intervention before it took place and acting as the Suharto regime’s key propagandist in the international arena while the worst of the atrocities were occurring.

Australian lobbing not only delayed a resolution of the East Timor independence issue, but also curtailed measures to highlight and alleviate the suffering, actions that undoubtedly cost many, many lives. 

The active role that Australia took in supporting the attempted genocide of the Timorese people is still obscure to much of the Australian public. No true reconciliation nor compensation to the East Timorese nation is likely without a true appraisal of the unredacted facts.

Newly declassified files from the National Archives of Australia show how the Department of Foreign Affairs provided PR cover for Indonesia’s genocidal scorched-earth campaign in East Timor, Peter Job reports. By Peter Job Declassified Australia The photographs show a smiling Australian, in

Source: Blood in the Archives – Consortium News