The Carlson-Kremlin feedback loop | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson over a grey background featuring chyrons aired in his coverage of Ukraine, a stripe with the colors of the russian flag covers his eyes with the text of his infamous "why shouldn't I root for Russia" quote

Murdoch media intentionally act as agents for Putin. What would have happened had they done the same for Hitler?

Neoliberalism is a valueless marketing system of intended inequitable profiteering just like the Western Banking system is today. What may have once started as a service years ago has become corrupted.  The $$ it’s sole interest fo minimal return. Both political parties in America and here support it, one less than the other maybe but neither is prepared to change it entirely. In fact, Australia had the ABC as a counterweight and the LNP set out to destroy it. Will the ALP save our ABC?

The Murdochs left Australia and the UK to wallow in America’s contradictions magnified by it’s lack of media mainstream diversity, corporate control and market regulation. Fox News today is an example of America at it’s worst and what could develop here. What would have happened had they had the power to do this during WW2 or the Cold War and advocated “for” Hitler and Russia back then? Would they have been able to abandon values for profit as easily as they are today?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s dubious allegation that the United States sabotaged a natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany as part of a sinister “escalation” of Russia’s war with Ukraine echoed the Kremlin’s own propagandists. Carlson’s report is now getting substantial attention from Russian state TV, which is promoting his theory — and his suggestion for how Russia could strike back at U.S. interests in light of the supposed attack.

Source: The Carlson-Kremlin feedback loop | Media Matters for America

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