Lachlan Murdoch Crikey defamation suit: Malcolm Turnbull slams ‘hypocritical’ News Corp boss

Andrew Bolt said it years ago, that he preferred writing Obituaries because journalism was too disiplined, too professional, and hard work. He then moved on to be what Justice Mordecai Bromberg called a “lazy journalist” with no respect for facts and guilty of racial vilification, fake news and discrimination under the Act.

Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean et al all cry foul and declare their right to “freedom of speech”. It’s their yardstick which relativises everything.The flat earth society beliefs are as valid as any other. It justifies these idiots saying they are experts on anything and everything the chose. That they are equal to any professional, scientist or journalist whose work and process standards Bolt once declared he found far too difficult to be interested in. Yes two neanderthals Bolt and Dean have levitated themselves to being experts in anything they chose science, economics, sex, disciplines no more relevant than what Bolt and Dean say because speech is free.

What is held as truth for them is the Goebellian power of distributed opinion and thats what fuels News Corp’s business model whose destination is profit not truth. The title News Corp is in fact an oxymoron the corporation isn’t a harbinger of news or truth. It manufactures whatever it wants propaganda for profit operating in the marketplace of wealth and among those with the most money and doesn’t waste its time informing the majority at all but rather influencing them. It’s no coincidence their business model aligns them with the IPA, the LNP and the interests and ideology of 1% of the nation.

University of Western Australia law professor Michael Douglas said that “Lachlan Keith Murdoch v Private Media Pty Ltd” would be the first high-profile test of amendments to Australia’s defamation law passed last year.

Lachlan Murdoch Crikey defamation suit: Malcolm Turnbull slams ‘hypocritical’ News Corp boss

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