‘Shambles’: Guy caps horror fortnight with another damaging revelation

Tim Smith and Matthew Guy were once mates, buddies who believed they were smarter than everybody else, and were going to inherit the keys to the kingdom. We saw what Matthew Guy did after Smith got drunk and thought he was untouchable. Matthew Guy turned his back on him. Now Guy thinks he’s made of teflon too but having shot himself in the foot he has discovered the bullet really hurts. He isn’t the magician he believed himself to be. After more than a week his blunder hasn’t disappeared. He has tried every “agracadabra” to convince us it was just an illusion but the fact has remained in plain sight. So Guy like Trump, by hiding, is pleading the 5th Amendment but convincing us even more of his guilt. Having his staff speak for him has amplified it even they are in shambles. 3 have jumped ship an gone for “personal reasons”.

Everybody other than the Andrew’s government are now looking into fast shrinking Matt Guy who once thought he was a giant but never grew. Even the AEC are now investigating the circumstances and the crowd are shouting for blood. To do what Tim Smith did resign because what Matthew Guy has done wasn’t a drunken accident it was intentional. Maybe Tim Smith might be allowed to have a say?

In Wodonga on Friday, though, far away from the Melbourne press pack, he had no choice but to raise the issue himself. He announced that the Victorian Electoral Commission had requested copies of documents discussing a proposed payment to his chief of staff, Mitch Catlin, who was forced to resign after the plan leaked.

‘Shambles’: Guy caps horror fortnight with another damaging revelation

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