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A Virus worse than Covid the leaders of the variant forms of the less than Liberal Coalition these past 22 years. When any means were justifed by their ends and Australia was left behind.

Whatever it takes – » The Australian Independent Media Network

An investigation by the Department of Home Affairs determined that former Prime Minister Morrison

pressured public servants to publicise the interception of an asylum seeker boat on the day of the May 2022 federal election, a damning report has found.

But the officials in Home Affairs had acted with integrity and refused to amplify a media statement they were forced to write about the Border Force operation unfolding on the high seas.

The report into the extraordinary circumstances surrounding one of the last acts of the previous Morrison government was prepared by the secretary of the Department of Home Affairs, Michael Pezzullo AO.

The Liberal Party then sent text messages to ‘undecided’ voters early in the afternoon urging a vote for the Liberals and Nationals to ‘stop the boats’. Apart from the obscene use again of human suffering to make a political argument – something all Australians should be ashamed of – the action breached the Coalition’s 8-year facade of not commenting on ‘on water matters’.

Former Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews claims that no ‘caretaker’ conventions were breached, something that the investigation questions. According to media reports, the Coalition was pressuring public servants to upload a ministerial statement by Andrews, promote the boat arrival on social media as well as briefing ‘selected’ reporters.

A departmental statement was eventually issued minutes after Mr Morrison announced the interception in his final press conference as prime minister, but the report concluded officials refused requests to post it on social media or send it directly to journalists.

Whatever it takes – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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