Scott Morrison’s influence lingers after defeat

Inspired by God? Not in the least, but rather by the Trump/Bannon model of maintaining power while in defeat. Morrison left his mark appointing posts according to the persons politics rather than merit. Peter Dutton, now opposition leader, first stop was America’s Republican Party. Dutton needed help on Right-Wing tactics and strategy training in opposition politics. Close examination will prove nothing is Aussie original when it comes to the new Dutton’s LNP.

Culture wars will be central to their agenda along with a dose of fear and the Abbottesque Chicken Little cry that the “Sky is falling in”. Homophobia, the Right to Life, turning the clock back on LGBTQI’s marriage equality Law and Order and Defence and their patriotic white history will all certainly be on this ex cop’s agenda. However, not the corruption or any investigation of LNP party members by any Integrity Commision.

Scott Morrison’s influence lingers after defeat

Across all federal government appointees, 7% have a direct political connection. This figure rises to 21% among those positions that are well paid, prestigious, and/or powerful.’

Scott Morrison’s influence lingers after defeat

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