Labor moves quickly on anti-corruption body, but who’s watching the watchers?

Australia's corruption score plummets to shameful new low

The Morrison Government made great strides in politicizing the APS by appointing their choice as heads of departments on politics rather than merit now AG Dreyfus is confronted with the consequences of that.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has moved quickly to set up a task force to get Labor’s federal anti-corruption body off the ground, but the staff selection process for his pilot taskforce has raised…

So, the Taskforce set to design the NACC will come from the same set of people the NACC will be tasked to investigate. With not even one person coming from outside the APS to provide a check or balance.

And forget about appealing, the AGP told Dr Holt, you can’t:

‘I note that you have requested to appeal the decisions regarding the appointments made to the NACC taskforce. As these appointments were transfers of current APS employees at their substantive levels, this is not an appealable process.’

It is probably worth noting that recruitment is not likely something attended to by the Minister, but rather by the public service. The secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department is Katherine Jones, one of three Morrison Government appointments of three key public service heads, made by Scott Morrison just under a year ago, on 22 July 2021. The appointments were not without controversy,

Source: Labor moves quickly on anti-corruption body, but who’s watching the watchers?

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