IDF censorship hits an 11-year low

Border Police officers force a Palestinian cameraman to leave the area during the Palestinian olive harvest, near an illegal outpost close to the village of Burka, West Bank, October 16, 2020. (Oren Ziv)

Israel doesn’t just kill, and incarcerate journalists, poets and authors but applies a censorship regimen to all information, and news disseminated in the State. It tries to control it outside its borders as well.

In 2021, the Israeli military censor barred the publication of 129 articles in the media, and interfered with the content of another 1,313, according to data provided by the censor at the request of +972 Magazine and the Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel. This marks the third year in a row that there has been a decline in the military censor’s activity, which is now at an 11-year low (the entire period for which we have data).

All media outlets in Israel, as well as authors and publishers, are required to submit articles relating to security and foreign relations to the IDF chief military censor for review prior to publication, in line with the “emergency regulations” enacted following Israel’s founding, and which remain in place. These regulations allow the censor to fully or partially redact articles submitted to it, as well as those already published without its review. Media outlets are barred from indicating in any way whether the censor has altered a story. 

The decline in the censor’s work is a small consolation when considering that it regularly interferes in the news we read without our knowledge.

Source: IDF censorship hits an 11-year low

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