Reset upset? Albanese’s speech puts paid to post-election hopes

It took 9 years for the LNP to turn China from friend to enemy. During whole of Abbott’s Prime Ministership, they simply asked him to have Murdoch Media tone down the anti-China rhetoric, to no avail. It takes 8 years post-graduate work to get a Phd but Dr. Herscovitch of the ANU suggests Albanese is a failure because he hasn’t turned China around in a month, what’s he on about?

One sandwich doesn’t make a picnic and one statement good or bad isn’t a diplomatic failure or pass. You can’t turn 9 years of purposeful negativity around in a month. Yes, Albanese does have a difficult task after Abbott’s celebrating the Sino- FTA ,set up by the ALP, to Dutton’s beating of war drums and saber-rattling along with Murdoch’s revenge as help. China was far wiser than us they dumped Murdoch,

But if anybody can do it it will be this new government and without any help from the LNP. After all, China doesn’t operate on kneejerk reactions or short a term memory. It’s proven that without participating in the number of wars Australia has, and lost since WW2. China still has considerable investment in Australia.

“Albanese in using this kind of language about China using economic coercion against Australia is just reproducing a lot of the language that was used by Scott Morrison,” said Benjamin Herscovitch from the ANU’s School of Regulation and Global Governance.

Source: Reset upset? Albanese’s speech puts paid to post-election hopes

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