History Says Democracy Will Die if Democrats Don’t Try “Going Big”

Franklin D. Roosevelt at desk working ca. 1932 or 1933. (Photo by: Hum Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Roosevelt would have relished the fight and going big. But Biden and the Democrats now seem intent on going small — so “smol” and petite and inoffensive that no one notices or gets mad at them. One especially dispiriting example of this that Kuttner does not address in the book, but has elsewhere, is inflation. The Biden administration could have gone on the offensive and made the case that inflation is being driven by supply chain issues, corporate price-gouging, and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince — as opposed to rising wages and government spending — but instead has largely settled into a silent defensive crouch. Now Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve reappointed by Biden, is saying that the Fed’s policy is to “get wages down,” something Americans will enjoy even less than inflation.

Source: History Says Democracy Will Die if Democrats Don’t Try “Going Big”

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