‘Resistance’: Sky News alternate reality signals Coalition push to the right

Sky News

Imagine, all those Sky After Dark urban cowboys have now turned to a National-Liberal coalition with Barnaby their hero? No! Peter Dutton has to be the leader of the new N-LP and go regional, according to  Murray, Credlin, Bolt, and Dean who have got on their imaginary horses turned red-faced, and become country/city Nationals.

Their claim the “moderates lost the election even though not One Nation, UAP candidate won a seat and the Greens even made history in country Qld. In fact, while the Right went backward not forward everywhere the bozos at Sky now claim the road to recovery is back to Climate denial. Rowan Dean was even seen on The Outsiders trying to show us how the planet was really “cooling” and has been since 2015. None of these idiots would ever dare be seen telling farmers that Climate Change is just an urban hoax. Andrew Bolt keeps telling me he has raised in country Australia and fell out of a tree and has never climbed back up to where he belongs.

Its cast of “after dark” shock jocks, fresh from supporting Scott Morrison, have quickly turned carnivorous as the Coalition’s post-election bloodletting hits fever pitch.

Moderates such as NSW Treasurer Matt Kean and Senator Andrew Bragg – a “fool” in the view of host Andrew Bolt – are now nightly targets for derision as a stream of conservative leaders and party apparatchiks appear on the channel for polling post-mortems.

In the world curated by these Fox-News inspired talk shows, last week’s election drubbing (the worst result for the Liberals in 70 years) wasn’t a sign that the Coalition must finally get serious about climate policies.

Rather, despite being thrown out of every seat with a view of Sydney Harbour, conservatives like Mr Bolt, Peta Credlin and Paul Murray argue the Coalition must actually swing to the right and chase regional voters.

ABC kills the Commercials

Slow and steady wins election ratings

The ABC’s election coverage has emerged triumphant, winning the competitive Saturday night race against the commercials by a huge margin as well as getting a significant bump in audience on Sunday and Monday as audiences looked to Aunty for post-election news and analysis.

Antony Green, who is a large part of the ABC’s election appeal, has admitted he was a bit cautious to call the result on the night as a result of the complexity of vote.

The ABC’s election analyst told the Age: “We probably should have said earlier on the night that the government couldn’t win.”

Source: ‘Resistance’: Sky News alternate reality signals Coalition push to the right

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