Warringah, NSW – AEC Tally Room

Warringah, NSW

Meanwhile, on Murdoch’s SKY NEWS’s OUTSIDERS,little ROWAN DEAN was spruiking up a 4.71% swing AGAINST LNP candidate Katherine Deves, Morrison’s Captain’s pick, as a great victory for the LNP in Warringah. These sideshow scripts Murdoch salespeople are expected to parrot to an audience really do beggar belief. But in a Paul Murrayesque unconvincing style DEAN, the unmade bed, actually promised 3 years of PR support for  Dutton and Deves going forward, no matter what,to bring the LNP back and in government in 2025. He was immediately followed by a Harvey Norman ad.

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Source: Warringah, NSW – AEC Tally Room

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