Violent Far-Right Extremism Is Fueling Mass Shootings in America – Mother Jones

Buffalo shooting

Australia has a bipartisan gun control policy though one wonders if it will last as there are minorities that want to see it relaxed if not removed. We also have compulsory voting that suggests a majority-ruled Democracy but it fails to be reflected in our minority lead governments. Then the art of negotiation comes into play and history shows that the ALP is far better when one counts the number of bills passed. It’s not reflected in the job being done by the LNP, IPA, and Murdoch alliance. Their focus has been working on staying in power and so much money is spent on that alone that social progress and government services get left behind. When the front pages of Murdoch and the mainstream private media aren’t News or information and our public broadcaster the ABC has been reduced to a shadow of itself Democracy becomes a shadow of itself and politics dominates and narrows government service.

In the face of such dark events and horrific loss of life, it’s important to emphasize that we can and must do better as a nation. The work extends from battling against hateful political extremism and strengthening gun laws to taking greater action in communities throughout the country to stop mass shootings before they happen.

Source: Violent Far-Right Extremism Is Fueling Mass Shootings in America – Mother Jones