The lies and fall of the Coalition

After nine years of corruption, economic ruin and misogyny, the time has come to vote the Coalition out, writes Geoff Dyer.

ON SATURDAY 21 May 2022, Australians will be put to the test. Anything less than a landslide in favour of Labor and integrity-minded Independents would not do justice to the nation.

For nine years, the L-NP Government has dismantled, corrupted, outsourced or sold off the public institutions we rely on.

The L-NP has also purposefully fostered divisions within Australian society. It has promoted misleading media content, made false accusations, stirred up moral outrage wherever it can, regardless of whether it is dealing with genuine issues, and with no care who it damages along the way.

Whether it be gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, place of birth, wealth, or lack of it, the L-NP is eager to weaponise an issue to appeal to the worst in human nature and garner a few votes. Unity, forward planning, addressing community needs and good governance mean nothing when a desperately incompetent political party is willing to sink so low.

Source: The lies and fall of the Coalition

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