Clinging on to power – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison has forgone any notion of the “Separation of Powers ” in his Australian Fundamentalist  Christian Democracy. His ” elect” now has a grip on the LNP and heve potentially destroyed the Party

Crikey recently discussed the current war in the NSW Liberal Party and claimed that Morrison is up to his neck in the political intrigue.

It seems the traditional mum and dad business owners that have supported the Liberal Party for decades are being pushed out and replaced by fundamental Christians, who are more interested in power for power’s sake than promoting a (small “L”) liberal philosophy.

As Crikey suggests It’s a situation as self-destructive as anything that’s going on in Labor – but you won’t read about any of it News Corp, not in any depth. Thank God they’ve decided to stay away from cheap political sensationalism at last! What is it about conservatives and clinging to power?

Source: Clinging on to power – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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