Facebook- Labor would launch a royal commission into the Robodebt

Labor to launch Robodebt royal commission

Robodebt led to a greater number of deaths and breakdowns than Pink Bats. It was a protracted denial by everyone in the LNP that it was their doing, including Morrison who was the Minister at the time and who will go down in history as the worst Social Services Minister on record. When Albanese was Deputy PM and Minister for Infrastructure unlike Morrison he delivered all his projects on time and at cost.

 Labor would launch a royal commission into the Robodebt scheme if it won government to find out who was responsible for implementing the discredited program. The automated matching of tax and Centrelink data to raise debts against welfare recipients, for money the coalition government claimed to have overpaid, was ruled unlawful in 2019. A $1.2 billion settlement between Robodebt victims and the federal government was reached in 2020. But the Morrison government has never detailed who was accountable for the four-year scheme, and which ministers knew about its problems. Scott Morrison was social services minister when the scheme was conceived, but has denied personal responsibility for the disaster.

Source: Facebook

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