Facebook-From Sara on Twitter Again Australians are being treated like MUGS !

Morrison pledges greater control over Facebook why? More for the amount of negative reaction he’s getting than “trolling”. “Trolling” in the mind of the LNP is voter reaction to them. Imagine if Albanese was PM and he promised the same We’d be a huen cry from Morrison about “free speech”. It’s not hard to predict given the increased surveillance on us all this past decade. Dutton’s even been advocating Government ministers should be funded to sue and defended at taxpayer cost anyone on social media. This government has increased the level of secrecy never seen before and wants more. They want to be the the ultimate arbiter of what is corrupt and should be investigated. They have been incrementally degrading democracy as we know it.

National Times 14h · From Sara on Twitter Again Australians are being treated like MUGS ! Scott Morrison asked by Journo “ Is it appropriate Fiona Meagher daughter of former High Court judge Ian Callinan with no interview…Mr Callinan called you in late 2020…his daughter to be appointed deputy president of the Administrator Appeals Tribunal. Scott Morrison answers “ I’m not aware.” Body Language – Guilty You gotta ask yourself this question, if he’s “unaware” of so many things relating directly to him, how can he possibly be a well informed Prime Minister when he keeps saying I’m not aware of that of this. Morrison has lost control of the country and the economy.

Source: Facebook

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