Morrison pledges to slash medicine costs

Picture: Jason Edwards

More people died than needed because Morrison was Social Services Minister. More Asylum Seekers died when he was Immigration Minister. More have died because he is currently Prime Minister. It’s not something part and parcel of the job. Only 4 people died Under the ALPs Pink Bats scheme and the LNP went apeshit!

As for the slash across the board of medicines, Frydenberg’s “promise now a pledge” doesn’t apply to all 19M Australians but only to 2.4 M or  near 10% of us. Just turn back to Frydenberg’s interview on the Insiders a month ago. Only the most wealthy can afford to go to the doctors and get “multiple scripts” or do it more regularly than others and they are generally the most wealthy.

A $1.2 billion settlement between Robodebt victims and the federal government was reached in 2020. But the Morrison government has never detailed who was accountable for the four-year scheme, and which ministers knew about its problems. Scott Morrison was social services minister when the scheme was conceived, but has denied personal responsibility for the disaster.

Labor has long called for a royal commission into Robodebt, which Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese described as “a human tragedy, wrought by this government”. “Against all evidence, and all the outcry, the government insisted on using algorithms instead of people to pursue debt recovery against Australians who in many cases had no debt to pay,” he said on Saturday. “It caused untold misery. Only an Albanese Labor government will find out the truth.”

Source: Morrison pledges to slash medicine costs