Coalition promises higher electricity costs ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison even now could hold the hose and limit fossil fuel exports and cap their domestic price. In other words, reduce their profitability and tax them. Instead of subsidizing the worlds CO2 emissions industry and putting the brakes on renewables. He could have closed the expanding cost of electricity by closing the gap between the sources of electricity production.

The solution to this global market disruption according to Morrison – I don’t hold a shovel mate – is not to vote for Labor or the TEAL Independents and all will be well.

You know and I know that the real problem is that we are locked into global markets for the supply of fossil fuels and until we start to take seriously the transition to renewable energy we will continue to be price takers when it comes to coal and gas even though we are one of the world’s major suppliers of both commodities.

Meanwhile, the coalition have dropped the economy as being their strong suit and have moved on to national security and preparations for war. Over to you Captain Mainwaring.

Seriously, how could anybody re-elect this mob ?

Source: Coalition promises higher electricity costs ! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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