For Democrats, the benefits of going on Fox are illusory at best | Media Matters for America

Dems Fox

How was it that the First Debate of the 2022 Election was held on Murdoch’s pay to view Skye News Channel and sponsored by News Corp followed immediately after by a Q&A style panel anchored by Paul Murray of Skye News After Dark? That Declared Albanese weak? Should we be surprised? I think we are turning American

Fox is a GOP propaganda outlet, a cornerstone of the modern conservative movement, and a megaphone for the right’s most malevolent and extreme messages. The network’s biggest stars regularly promote unhinged conspiracy theories about the Democratic Party and vilify its key constituencies, including but not limited to Black, Asian, and LGBTQ people, women, college students, unions, and immigrants.

Over the last 18 months, Fox has laid the groundwork for the January 6 insurrection by undermining the validity of the 2020 election, branded itself as the “loyal opposition” to President Joe Biden, and successfully discouraged its viewers from getting vaccinated against COVID-19. It is currently force-feeding its viewers the knockoff QAnon message that Democrats and teachers support pedophilia and are “grooming” their children.

Source: For Democrats, the benefits of going on Fox are illusory at best | Media Matters for America

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