Why Australia must not deliver Mad (Prime) Minister Morrison his second ‘miracle’

Australia’s consolidated and over-concentrated private media corporations are about to try to raise Morrison like Lazarus from the zealots’ plastic snow dome he built for himself all in plain sight of us all. You only had to blink and there he was in a pilots uniform fixing QANTAS  with $$$ only now QANTAS doesn’t work. There he was in a hard hat welding or at Rheem spruiking Jobs Jobs Jobs only to discover Rheem was sending 30% of its workforce to Vietnam. Yes Morrison was always wrapped in plastic never in the real world just the PM doll who if in trouble turns to Barbie Jen to bail him out and to pretend he’s real.

THE FIRST TIME Scott Morrison was elected Prime Minister, he called it a “miracle” and soon after took a trip to Hawaii. In the middle of the most hellish bushfires this nation had ever suffered.

He and his uneasy Coalition of big business plants, anti-worker activists and wide-eyed religious zealots sunk immediately behind the Labor Opposition two-party preferred according to almost every poll. They’ve lagged there since, despite the concertedly self-interested efforts of the major media operators and all their other, legion, establishment allies.

It is difficult to put lipstick on a pig, so they say. Even more so when presented with a snarling, coarsely bristled, snaggledy tusked and occasionally incontinent Morrison hog. Bedevilled by disasters, inaction, poor planning, lack of vision and constant damaging scandals, both financial and sexual, even the Murdoch Press began to eschew applying cosmetics. Only the famous apathy and prodigiously poor memory of the Australian public could save his bacon now.

Source: Why Australia must not deliver Mad (Prime) Minister Morrison his second ‘miracle’

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