Labor retains 53-47 lead over Coalition in latest Newspoll

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The most Conservative Murdoch Commissioned pollster Newspoll still has the ALP 6pts ahead despite the Churnalism they pour on Albo and largely by all the MSM this week while selling brand Morrison. No real mention of the shellacking Frydenberg is taking in the ALP exclusion zone of Menzie’s Kooyong in Victoria. Or the hiding Deves is taking in Warringah the once sole property of the LNP. Meanwhile the cash is flowing in to the MSM in the form of those full page UAP ads we see in the papers the ads that are really there to buy votes for the LNP and a backroom anything you want deal for Clive at the expense of the Nation.

The exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian between April 14 and 17 found support for Labor had fallen to 36 per cent, down one point from a week ago, while the Coalition’s primary vote also dropped one point to 35 per cent. It translates to a 53-47 two-party-preferred lead for Labor based on preference flows at the last election. This would ensure a majority ALP government. The six-point margin is the same as a week earlier when the election was called.

Source: Labor retains 53-47 lead over Coalition in latest Newspoll

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