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Undoubtedly, as most of you are users of various platforms of social media you may well have encountered from time to time the hashtags #ThisIsNotJournalism and #MediaBias.

Finally, these are the key facts of the 2022 Federal Election which have either not been properly reported by our media, or totally forgotten in relation to Morrison Government:

  1. The payment to Ms Miller of $500,000.00, which even Ms Miller has called upon Mr Morrison to provide the true reasons for such a large payment being made to her.
  2. Mr Morrison’s failure to establish a Federal ICAC, and his feeble excuses for not doing so.
  3. The Morrison Government’s mishandling of the 2019 Bushfires (including Hawaii), the pandemic, aged care and the 2022 floods.
  4. Mr Morrison’s character regarding his history of lies as Prime Minister (see Part 1 of my article link above Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence), which includes him lying to us up to 10 April 2022 about Mr Tudge no longer being a member of cabinet.
  5. Mr Morrison’s character regarding the fresh evidence matters raised by Mr Michael Towke on The Project.
  6. The Morrison Government’s poor economic record, including how we have accrued $1Trillion in debt (also doubling the debt before the pandemic) without any positive economic benefits arising from that debt, their failure to foresee the economic consequences of increased inflation from the shutting down of supply lines and their failure to develop Australian manufacturing (including electric cars and solar panels) so that we are not so reliant on China and India for secondary level manufacturing purposes.
  7. Mr Morrison’s interference in the NSW Liberal Party, including his captains pick of Ms Deves who holds such concerning views about trans gender adults and children.
  8. The Morrison Government’s national security and foreign affairs failures regarding our Pacific neighbours and leasing the Port of Darwin to China.
  9. The Morrison Government’s lies about climate change steps they have taken, and their failure to implement a proper climate change policy.

This is not an exhaustive list of the matters the media should be extensively covering regarding the Morrison Government, being the worst government in our history which is also being presided over by our worst Prime Minister, but it sure would be a good start for the media to focus on these issues, and Labor’s policy announcements, if we wish to see some ‘balance’ in coverage of the 2022 Federal Election.

We are witnessing media bias in the 2022 Federal Election campaign, and it certainly isn’t journalism.

Source: #ThisIsNotJournalism, #MediaBias and the 2022 Federal Election – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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