Teaching Honest History | The Smirking Chimp

America’s Republicans adapted and politicized CRT to have it removed from their school’s curriculums.  The LNP in Australia does the same simply playing Simon Says or Monkey see monkey does and have attempted to do the same. Tudge and now Robert LNP are also trying to change the educational course of Australian history and racially mythologize it. However, their effort in “cancelling culture” has been totally forgotten over the course of this 2022 Election

Because Black history is the history of America. We are witnessing a unique and horrible phenomenon: the total denial of the story of American colonialism and the importance and horrors of the slave trade. The Republican party has made a decision that white children and youth ( who seem to be the only children and youth they care at all about) are not to be exposed to any materials that might make them aware that our ancestors were not models of moral perfection- they might feel a twinge of discomfort, or maybe even question the racism that is the Republican daily diet.

Source: Teaching Honest History | The Smirking Chimp

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