Scott Morrison refuses to budge on Labor backing anti-corruption model

Conservatives Reversed and polluted the term WOKE as they did Racism Climate. They said White Lives Matter too, Heterosexuality matters as well, that Women are Misandrists, Poverty is the fault of the poor, not the system, and in the case of the failure to set up an ICAC, it’s their opposition’s fault. They claim Morrison hasn’t been able to rule the nation because the opposition does.

No, what Morrison is actually saying is “Australia isn’t a Democracy” ” It’s My Way or the Highway” There is no place for an opposition in Australia no place for Democracy in his church. He is the voice an Autocrat an evangelistic pastor of Australia. .

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will only introduce his highly criticised model for a federal anti-corruption body if Labor promises to let it through parliament unchanged.

Source: Scott Morrison refuses to budge on Labor backing anti-corruption model

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