News Corp’s Easter Albo shellacking – Michael West Media

From Murdoch whose organization was busted bugging the phones of dead girls, celebrities, and politicians comes an Easter Gift. Yes, Murdoch who pretended to be old, without memory, sick, and frail like Alan Bond trying not to be jailed. That same sleezy Murdoch who sacrificed his staff and a major paper to flee to America. Today’s Murdoch Putin’s ally in Russia and the enemy of Democracy in the US. Is now playing the 5th columnist in Australia’s 2022 election despite despite the fact that Scott Morrison is a leader he doesn’t like because he can rid us of him later.

For most, Easter is a time for rest and renewal. For Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp it is a time to keep shaking the pom-poms for the Coalition and thrashing Labor. At least Nine’s mastheads SMH and Age ran on the Coalition’s mega-pork this morning; some $55bn in public money being spayed about to buy votes. For their Murdoch peers in the media duopoly, there was no such attempt at balance; they were still pinning their ears back with inflated claims, “Labor’s jobs plan to cost billions”. Like their fallacious Darwin Port and Tasmanian loggers coverage this week, the fear-mongering over jobs was not based on any substance. Substance is not their strongest suit. Going into week two of the campaign, Albo’s starts again with the large handicap of a Coalition-subservient media cheering on incumbent Scott Morrison.

Source: News Corp’s Easter Albo shellacking – Michael West Media

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