At Morrison’s media party, there’s no such thing as a ‘free’ drink

Morrison hosts his “unnamed” team of supportive churnalists at his secret and and very private “free drinks party”. Bussed them in and got busted by an electorate ” local voter” who he called a “trespassing ALP apparatchik”. The pitbull came out and Morrison bared his teeth, called the AFP and demanded some action. However the voter was deemed legal and innocent of everything and Morrison like bullies simply “over reacted” giving the game away, displaying yet again his true nature.

For the sake of impartiality, the media must extricate itself from the vortex of the Prime Minister’s “influence”, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson. On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Scott Morrison hosted a private drinks party for select journalists covering the election campaign. The party was held in a pub in Penrith, and the journalists were bussed to the venue. We only know this because an uninvited young man, Adisen Wright, gate-crashed the party and filmed his encounter with Scott and later the AFP.

Source: At Morrison’s media party, there’s no such thing as a ‘free’ drink

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