Scott Morrison is dangerous – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison shows all the characteristics of a fanatic cultist who just moves on if faced with any opposition. On to achieve the goal god chose for him. Yes if questions are too difficult he just moves on. He knows what he says is bullshit but that doesn’t matter the goal is more important. The difference between Morrison and Trump is that Trump isn’t religious ratings are his goal. But that’s  fundamentally the only difference. Trump made a list of promises that just faded away. Morrison doesn’t even believe in the ratings he did make it harder to get rid of him requiring a 66% majority. He knows he has 9 Pentacostalists on side and he moved Right as soon as he was elected. The LNP has become the autocratic party that’s pro a Kleptocracy and it’s why there will never be an ICAC.

Like QAnon and Trump Morrison can and will accuse the ALP or any opposition of being children eaters in the basement of a  pizza shop if it helps to achieve God’s destiny. Logic can never trump his faith and faith, not fact, is Morrison’s fuel. He is a member of God’s given  “elect” so it doesn’t matter if what it is he says is bullshit as long as it draws us away from the Godless Democracy and its Separation of Powers in his Christian country. He along with members of his Church are saved and don’t need to face judgement at the End of Daze. That’s why he can do and say anything, and it’s not a lie or transgression of any sort. He just needs to control the media.

Scott Morrison is dangerous because he is driven by a fantastically flawed personality, mixed with a deranged political ideology, with the added bonus of crazy end-of-times religious lunacy. In Australia we presume the good faith of our political leaders. It has held to be true for over a century, but Morrison has picked up certain traits from his role models overseas, which are foreign to us. The predominant trait I speak of is shamelessness, and an ability to instantly forget anything politically adverse; to instantly move on, in the naïve belief that we have no memories.

Source: Scott Morrison is dangerous – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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