Cash defends appointments to tribunal

Michaelia Cash

Straight from Trump’s Playbook or Steve Bannon’s appoint as many of your friends to positions that will hamper any new government. There’s no ICAC to investigate the corruption that this government has delivered and wielded on the Australian electorate. Economic and Cultural Crimes done dirt cheap.

The Australian Federal Police Association, which represents 4,000 AFP members, has placed the establishment of a “far-reaching anti-corruption body” among its highest priorities ahead of the federal election, alongside improved support for officers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, greater resourcing, and stronger firearms regulations.
The anti-corruption subject has raised its head once again. Now the Australian Federal Police are calling for a commission with far reaching arms. I thought the AFP were a voice for the LNP, however this report in the Guardian tells me something different. This commission must have retrospective powers. The Scummo team doesn’t want that. One has to wonder why? Could it be that the vast majority of them are corrupt?
Labor has already committed to an anti-corruption commission with the strength and powers of a standing royal commission, including the ability to hold public hearings.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has defended the appointment of ex-Liberal MPs and coalition staffers to high-paying roles on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, saying they are “qualified”.

Source: Cash defends appointments to tribunal

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