Our democracy is weakening – here’s how we can stop the rot – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Currently, the LNP is locked foot and step with the GOP American Republican Party. The Liberal Party has never been closer to Trumpster alt-right than it is today and they even echo their policies here in Australia as they haven’t any original ideas of their own. Public Service, Education, Health, Welfare Immigration, and  Emergency Services have all become rapidly privatized or outsourced so much so they no longer function or are fit for purpose in emergencies. Chaos has reigned with Morrison at the helm and we’ve deteriorated on every social metric other than the profits made by their corporate supporters,who they have gifted handsomely. Our Democracy is under threat of drifting even closer to Mussolini’s ideal model of government, The Fascist Corporate State.

There is an opportunity to restore Australian Democracy, by addressing the core issues that Australians nominate as underpinning their growing sense of distrust and dissatisfaction. A Democratic Commission should play a central role in this effort. Failing to intervene in our democratic decline is a failure to appreciate Australian Democracy’s fragility, and its pre-eminence in underpinning our way of life. This is a mistake we cannot afford to make.

Source: Our democracy is weakening – here’s how we can stop the rot – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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