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Andrew Bolt can “feel un-Australian He can “feel” Dutch when he’s not. He was born here. Bruce Pascoe. on the other hand, can’t according to Bolt “feel” Aboriginal because “feelings are coloured. So can Stan Grant ever”feel” Australian?  Can he “feel” both Aboriginal and Australian? I suspect he can’t because he’s black and to be consistent if Bruce can’t Stan can’t but Andrew Bolt can. Even though Bolt never stepped foot in the Netherlands until he was 19. He’s exceptionally priviliged white man. As far as Bolt is concerned Australia only came into being in 1788 and is a  Western White Christian Nation and there was notionally nothing only fauna here prior.

The problem is “feelings” are only legitimate facts when Andrew Bolt’s but not to Bruce Pascoe or Stan Grant. Andrew Bolt insists on that racist fact. Yes, Bolt “feels” Dutch “feels” he’s culturally and spiritually connected to Aalsmeer and he certainly has the mindset to prove it. Historically the people living there were noted  the most anti-semitic hunters and killers of Dutch Jews during WW2. Jews who lived there were for mistaken “feeling” they too were Dutch citizens the town. According to Bolt’s ancestors they were Bruce Pascoe wrong!

The Bolts of Aalsmeer were racist and ethnicist too. Like Bolt they weren’t multiculturists. They supported Hitler with ” feeling”. However, they have been denying and trying to hide that since the end of WW2. Unfortunately in 1984 the Jews called them out for their pretense and rewrote Dutch history and shone a light on their racist denials.

Andrew Bolt also has that in common with the true Aalsmeerians as he too maintains he’s a friend of the Jews and counts them among his best friends simply because he says he “feels” they are. Yes, Andrew Bolt is an exceptional man who is entitled, allowed or privileged to “feel” Dutch and a friend of Jews when history shows a very different story. While Bruce Pascoe and the original owners of this country aren’t allowed to “feel” united as true Australians. Go fuck yourself Uber Furher Bolt.

Albanese is a communist. lIbErAlS aRe BeTtEr EcOnOmIc MaNaGeRs. The Labor Party is less cruel to refugees. We are compassionate, responsible global citizens above reproach, not corrupt, moral and fair. There was no genocide when Europeans arrived here. Allowing money to concentrate in the hands of the wealthy benefits us all. Coal can be clean. Voting 1 for minor parties or independents in a preferential voting system benefits the major party you don’t like. Minority governments don’t work. The bush is pure; the city elitist and latte sipping. Mateship and the fair go. Ned Kelly larrikins, chill as fuck. Young people can’t afford houses because of avocados, not an exponential increase in prices compared to wages. “Flexibility” is better than annual leave and job security. Have a go to get a go. Refugees are terrorists. If minorities could just shut up about everything, we’d all be fine. Et fucking cetera.

Source: The myth of Australia | The Shot

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