School students tripping up on Australia’s uneven playing field

Acting Education Minister Stuart Robert.

Proud graduate Captain Stuart Robert MP of Australia’s Noted College of Bastardisation and Sexual Abuse became the promoter and overseer of Australia’s worst-ever Social Welfare debacle ROBODEBT. He is now Minister in Charge of Education and blamed “dud teachers” in our government schools of dragging Australia down when compared with comparable results in the rest of the world. One can only suggest Robert was talking about himself having attended that now famous  Government College known as Duntroon. The “dud teachers” of  Duntroon it seems resulted in his ranking as the most corrupt MP among current LNP ranks and possibly the decade if not longer.Robert it seems was trying to explain why he’s such a corrupt and incompetant shithead.

Robert has a history of foot in mouth disease that is legend and ranks as the most self-serving and incompetent MP’s in LNP ranks standing shoulder to shoulder in that competition with ex-cop Peter Dutton. Dutton wins simply because he’s been there the longest.

The acting federal Education Minister Stuart Robert surely assumed he was chatting confidentially among friends last week when he told a private schools conference the sustained decline in the academic results of Australian 15-year-olds relative to their international peers is because of “dud teachers” in government schools. The “duds” were defined as the “bottom 10 per cent of teachers” who graduate from initial teaching courses notwithstanding they “can’t read and write”. But private schools are dud-free zones, the acting minister purred to his audience, because principals have the power to hire and fire and are naturally intolerant of dud educators, and if the government could only “bottle” the success of these schools, the nation’s youth would rise beyond mediocrity.

Source: School students tripping up on Australia’s uneven playing field

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