Morrison, Frydenberg, Joyce and Cash fundraise for Labor electorates

FRYDENBERG: Thank you Prime Minister. You can see I’m holding up a jar filled with jelly beans. For only $5 per guess and you can guess as many times as you wish; if you guess correctly, you get the jar and all the jelly beans in it. This offer is open to all of Australia. I’ll pay the postage if required. Everything going well we expect to raise $38,000 for a Labor held electorates affected by the floods.

MORRISON: Thank you, Josh. What a good guy he is. What Josh humbly didn’t mention is he bought the jelly beans out of his own money. And remember, all monies raised will go to a Labor seat. Michaelia Cash, get yourself up here.

Attorney-General Cash takes to the microphone.

Source: Morrison, Frydenberg, Joyce and Cash fundraise for Labor electorates