Major News Outlets Suspend Operations In Russia Following Anti-Journalist Law | HuffPost Latest News

Once a KGB thug always one, but one isolated, and on steroids who needs treatment not compromise. Poisonings, assassinations, incarcerations will continue if nothing is done. 40 million people could find themselves in a Russian version of Nth Korea or East Germany along with the already 144M Russians already living that experience. Putin is unable to trust anyone so he’s got his finger on the nuclear red button. Who in Russia will do away with him, save the Russian people and the wider universe?

Major international news outlets including the BBC, CNN and Bloomberg will suspend operations in Russia in response to a new law criminalizing news reports that contradict the Kremlin’s version of the war in Ukraine. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law that criminalizes spreading what the government deems to be fake news, The Associated Press reported. Under the new measure, a statement as simple as referring to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a “war” rather than a “special military operation” could constitute criminal disinformation, according to The New York Times. Punishment could include fines or up to three years’ imprisonment, with 15 years possible if authorities decide a report had “severe consequences.” International news organizations that have announced they would be temporarily suspending operations in Russia include:

Source: Major News Outlets Suspend Operations In Russia Following Anti-Journalist Law | HuffPost Latest News

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